• Question: Good morning Brett :) I wanted to ask you if you have any advice for practice gesture because I still have troubles to make them look fluid, thank you for your time. - kitsunekei1
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    Practice gesture hmm?

    That’s tough as I am not there to see what you are doing but here’s I’ll attempt it and hopefully I’ll be able to point you at a place to start.

    1.  Long lines.  Start creating longer lines.  Even if they’re “wrong”  You’ll get more from the hand eye coordination then if you do the short little strokes over and over to create a long line (What I refer to as, “Pencil Masturbation”)  Use throw away paper.  Just make long sweeping marks.

    2.  Use a brush pen or charcoal.  You have to make deliberate decisions with these tools (for the most part)

    3.  Quit trying to make the “right line” and focus on making the line that has the feeling you wish to evoke.  Think of the lines in gesture as adjectives and not nouns. (it’s not the noun; “spine” you’re drawing, it’s “angry, slumped, tired, aggressive”)

    4.  Use your arm and not your wrist.  Fluidity is in the entire arm.  Wrists only get you so much movement.

    5.  Turn your pencil on it’s side and use it differently.  Break up how you currently work.

    6.  Realize that you’re making all these mistakes on purpose.  You are learning to get better.  Focus, try again, a ton.  Each time you do, you are slowly gaining knowledge, understanding, coordination, and confidence.  That’s what it’s really about.  It’s learning, seeing, and doing something that builds up yourself.  You start to trust yourself.  Gain confidence so you can attack that line and tell it who’s boss!

    7.  Don’t practice, produce.

    8.  No really…produce…..

    9.  Like a ton…..  lot’s of producing……

    10. and you’ll figure it out slowly over time. 

    Time and production = results

    Good luck



    A great advice from Brett Bean  :D

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